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A dirty cannon.
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12 Bar, Jan 01

Cowards Beware

Camberwell Leisure Center, Jun 04

Adventures of Milo

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She treats me like a monkey but I can't stay away

Here comes King Kong, bird in hand,
Forty-four foot long lover man,
He’s feeling good, looking cute,
He’s a dirty little monkey in a monkey suit.

Hugo's Speaker Palace, 9 October 2004

Jem and Bob
To know them is to love them.

Fanklub der Marseille Figs im Frankenwald
Our loyal friends.

Berlin, December 2004

12 Bar, Jan 02

Freiburg, 1951

7 Minute White IcingMe and My Monkey

A few words about our friends:

Marseille Figs’ records – both Jumbo and The Dirty Canon – are distributed by Cargo in the UK and Europe, and worldwide through the Cargo website, iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, etc. Our press is covered by Hermana PR.

J. Maizlish is releasing music as MOLE, and has a website at

Tom Chant’s work with the Eddie Prévost trio can be gotten from Matchless Recordings.Tom also plays with the Cinematic Orchestra, who have a website here. And of course he has a site of his own, at

Among other things, Jem Finer is Jumbo’s co-producer. His Longplayer website is streaming a 1000-year-long composition. His Cosmolog documents his astrophysical residency at Oxford. El Rino is his label. Also, he and fellow Big Shit Show artist DM Bob are touring the world. The two of them produced The Dirty Canon, the first Figs lp. Jumbo was begun with Joe Leach at Cowshed and finished with Brian O’Shaughnessy at Bark.

Trine Nedreaas has great work at Milo Waterfield’s highly recommended animation work can be seen at Marcia Farquhar's 12 Shooters book can be found here. If you haven’t yet, you ought to visit Silke Thoss’ website has all sorts of great stuff, including Big Shit Show pictures. Hats off to the Viva Cake girls, who are up to all sorts of fab things. Kitty Finer’s got her brilliant work on a blogspot now. Resonance FM is an artist’s access radio broadcaster in London. Greetings to them. The Figs are glad to be associated with Michael Weinkove of Photographer and Figs loyalist Tim Wainwright deserves a mention here. A warm hello too to old pal Uriel Orlow of renown. A biography of Darryl Hunt can be found at And last but not least, Adam Butler’s Vert website is located here, and it’s worth seeing.
Viva Cake, 26 May 2007

Marseille Figs was formed in London in 1999, when Dorian McFarland and J. Maizlish were both in art school and Tom Chant was playing in various free improvisation ensembles. They’re now based in London, Berlin and Barcelona.

J. Maizlish (aka Mole) writes songs, sings and plays guitars and ukeleles. He also makes short films, drawings, paintings, sound works and installations. He was born in Goleta, California, and has since lived in New York, London and Berlin.

Tom Chant plays piano, tenor and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet, melodica and a Yamaha Portasound keyboard. He was born in Dublin and raised in Lavender Hill. He’s also a member of the Cinematic Orchestra, and has played with most people associated with improvised music in London.

Dorian McFarland plays accordion, flugelhorn, trombone, mouth harps and miscellaneous allsorts. He’s also an artist working in photography, video, electronic media and live performance. He was born in Cambridge and lives in Berlin.

Frequent Guests
John Edwards plays double bass and is a fixture in the London improvisation scene, the Eddie Prévost trio and the Fleapit Orchestra. Andrew Ranken plays drums in the Pogues, as well as fronting the marvellous Mysterious Wheels. Jem Finer plays banjos and guitars. He’s an artist and composer, as well as being a founding member of the Pogues. Darryl Hunt plays bass in the Pogues, and runs his own band, Bish. He played regularly with the Figs for their first couple of years.

Hugos Speaker Palace, Jun 04
Hugos Speaker Palace, Jun 04

Jumbo D/L Card No.3
Jumbo D/L Card No.4
Jumbo D/L Card No.10
 Jumbo, Jumbo, Jumbo.

La Rippe, August 2004
Maus Habitas, Porto, Sep 01
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Cambridge, 1983


Photos of the Figs by Marcia Farquhar

Marseille Figs

Darry Hunt, 53 Cross St. Jan 03

Jumbo D/L Card No.11

Baltimore, 1959








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